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Water that goes great with food

Krondorf mineral water from the Doupovské Mountains offers a very pleasant taste rich in minerals, with an increased content of silicon and natural carbon dioxide directly from the spring. Its unique composition stimulates digestion and makes it perfect for use in experiential gastronomy.

More about our unique water

stacirnik krondorf

Water that cannot be had by all

The Krondorf mineral water comes from a single source with limited capacity, which is why it deserves our special attention. It’s bottled by hand in original returnable bottles inspired by historical packaging; each bottle is labelled with the logo of a specific restaurant and sent out as fresh as possible.

Manual bottling

Restored tradition
priroda skala

Water that was lost and has been found

Almost two centuries ago, the Krondorf mineral water was highly valued for its unique properties. In the course of two world wars, it seemed to have gotten lost in time. And so it was until 2010 when a hydrogeological survey discovered a new source which has an almost identical composition to the historical spring and which you can now try as an exclusive product in gourmet restaurants.

Restored tradition

doupovske hory
jeskyne jeskyne jeskyne

Water from the depths

Krondorf mineral water is estimated to be more than 100 years old and is drawn from a depth of 90 m.

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