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Krondorf mineral water has such a high quality and delicious taste that any good restaurant would love to have it on the menu. Experienced restaurant managers want to make sure their business stands out from the crowd. That’s why the same attention that is given to the selection of ingredients also goes into the water they want to serve with food.

They choose Krondorf mineral water for its composition, which makes it perfect for gourmet experiences. It’s the only water on the market that is manually bottled to order and can bear the name of the restaurant it is intended for. It’s always delivered fresh straight from the source.

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Krondorf mineral water
is sold in an original returnable bottle
inspired by the historical packaging.


The bottle features a patented
ceramic cap with a stamp
that proves the content
is original and that the bottle
has not been opened or otherwise disturbed.

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How to serve Krondorf mineral water

Because Krondorf mineral water is an exclusive product, we would like to offer some advice on how to serve it.

  • Chill the water to the temperature of 13-15°C to allow the full taste to excel and to avoid condensation on the bottle. It can be together with red wine.
  • Recommend Krondorf as a water that goes well with food, not as quencher.
  • Emphasize the fact that water is drawn in terroir Doupov mountains in the Czech Republic. So it is always supplied fresh into the selected restaurants.
  • Inform your guests about the benefits of the water.
  • Always bring the bottle closed and complete – with unimpaired stamp and label. Take the label down right before you will open the bottle and leave it unfolded on the table.
  • Open the bottle quietly with pinning the cap. You can always point the design of the bottle from the Moravian glassworks. This packaging is based on the historical bottle.
  • Pour the water from the lowest height. You can hold the wire by finger to easier the serving.
  • Afterwards put the bottle on the table or gueridon. You do not have to close again the bottle. Due to natural CO2 „bubbles“ are very much stable.