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of volcanic origin
source of natural silicon
with limited capacity
Milan Krejčí sommelier, Merlot d'Or "Krondorf is not only very healthy, but also very special in terms of taste and thanks to the combination of nature and man's work, we can talk about terroir, similar to the great Champagne. A unique water for gastronomy. I think a legend is being born among mineral waters called Krondorf."

For everyone who wants to impress their customers

Restaurants, bars, cafes, catering and other establishments

The unique taste of hand-bottled mineral water

Discover the completely unique taste of Krondorf mineral water from a manufacturing bottling plant located in the protected area of ​​the Doupovské mountains. Krondorf mineral water is characterized by rich mineralization and contains original carbon dioxide of volcanic origin. Krondorf mineral water comes from a deep well with a limited capacity and is manually filled into original bottles with a resealable ceramic cap.

Staff Training

For the success of your sales, we offer training for your staff. This training lasts about 45 minutes and includes basic information about the category of water and how Krondorf mineral water is served.

Why Krondorf?

Krondorf is manually and carefully bottled mineral water, always freshly bottled for the given restaurant. It is characterized by a perfectly harmonious taste, it goes well with wine and food. Fresh and gentle carbonation with original CO2 content of volcanic origin does not disturb, is not aggressive and does not evaporate. Balanced optimal ratio of minerals Ca+Mg, high proportion of silicon in an easily absorbable form. The water has no taste defect and is therefore highly appreciated and recommended by many sommeliers.
1. Storage Store the water with the wine and serve
At a temperature of 13-15 °C.
2. Presentation Inform guests about the benefits of the water such as manual bottling and packaging, minerality, authentic CO2.
3. Tag Remove the information tag from the throat and place it on the table in front of the guest. The restaurant sticker is easy to peel off and re-stick. Inside you will find the detailed composition of the mineral water.
4. Opening the bottle For the bottle, break the cork only in front of the guest. Open the bottle without noise, holding the cap.
5. Pouring a full bottle Pour water from a minimum height.
The cap rests on the body of the bottle by its own weight.
Then place the bottle in a visible place on a table or keridon.
It is not necessary to close the bottle.
6. Filling the bottle During the final filling of the bottle, hold the wire of the cap with an outstretched index finger so that it does not obstruct the pouring.