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About us

We are a family business that deals with the manufacturing, manual bottling and sale of Krondorf mineral water.


Krondorf a. s. was founded on September 1, 2016. The company's property is a water source of hand-bottled unique mineral water, including the surrounding land in the Stráž nad Ohří location and technology, which Krondorf a. s. acquired by separating part of the company Karlovarská Korunní s. r. o.


The launch of the Krondorf brand on the Czech market took place on 1 December 2016 on the occasion of the announcement of the TOP 10 restaurants of Maurer's Grand restaurant selection in the Prague Castle ballroom.

Corporate mission

We know a lot about water. We set ourselves the task of passing on our knowledge about it to others. Therefore, we would like to teach the public and the staff of gastronomic establishments not only to drink water, but also to choose and serve it correctly.


Over obstacles to the stars
„Per aspera ad astra“


The people of Krondorf

Company management

Mgr. Vladimír Komár owner
Jaroslav Barvíř coowner / general manager
Ing. Lucie Barvířová member of the supervisory board

Mineral water bottling plant

Vojtěch Klazar manager of the bottling plant
Radka Ryklová quality specialist
Simona Žigmundová bottling plant worker


Sales representative for the Czech Republic ADVIVUM A. S.


Jaroslav Barvíř co-owner / general manager
Jan Ustohal business manager