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„At the Vinograf, we’re trying to be the best wine bar possible. We sample thousands of wines every year to select what’s best for our customers. Our chef Milan Hořejš and his team experiment with only the best ingredients. Together, we invent the ideal ways to combine our wines and dishes. And now we’ve also found the perfect water that can enhance the experience of both – Krondorf.“ Klára Kollárová sommelier/owner of Vinograf
“Any drink that aids digestion is always welcome on my table. The rediscovered Krondorf natural mineral water is something unique and new. I’m sure I’ll try to incorporate it into my gourmet tastings. A richly mineralised water with natural carbon dioxide and high silicon content supports good digestion and the metabolic process. I consider that its greatest advantage!” Pavel Maurer Good Food Lover
"It has become commonplace to carefully taste and meticulously choose one's wine. Those of us who, as amateurs, endeavor to do the same in the realm of mineral waters, are a minority for now. Among the many brands whose taste, mineral contents and carbonation, and digestive qualities I recognize, Krondorf stands out – for me, it is truly the queen of mineral waters. Its natural character, accented by manual bottling, is also reflected in its novel culture of packaging, shipping and, last but not least, proper serving. I for one wouldn't be in the least surprised if at some point in the near future, people who are on the lookout for the supreme culinary experience will also pick their restaurant with a view to whether they serve Krondorf.“. Jan Herzmann analytic


„For me, Krondorf is synonymous with excellence. Thanks to its origin, history, taste and particularly composition, I consider Krondorf one of the most interesting discoveries and taste experiences of my career.“ Jakub Přibyl sommelier
“What I enjoy most about Krondorf is that it takes me back to my favourite period in history when people still knew what elegance was. It was full of beautiful music and entrepreneurs and manufacturers who strove to offer their clients only the very best. Sometimes it seems that unfortunately, we’ve somehow forgotten a lot of these habits in our modern time. That’s why I find the Krondorf project so refreshing. It means a return to tradition, to something unique and pure.” Martin Procházka sommelier and owner of Wine up
"I wish Krondorf mineral water success on the market and I hope we will encounter it again in research studies into the beneficial physiological effects of silicon, as we have seen with similar mineral waters abroad." Jiří Brát specialist in nutrition and food
“The Krondorf project, a rediscovery of a mineral water manufacturing process which is friendly to the source and the environment and which is based on centuries-old practices that emphasise the qualities of the water, is one of the most interesting endeavours of recent years.” Tomáš Vylita hydrogeologist-balneotechnician
“As a historian of Bohemian and Moravian spas and healing springs, I welcome the new Krondorf product. I see it as a step towards a renaissance of the historical use of springs and the traditional name. By shipping manually bottled mineral water, the Krondorf brand emphasises its exclusivity.” Stanislav Burachovič historian, publicist


“Here in Mcely, we are passionate about individual care. In Krondorf, we admire the details, such as manual bottling, and the entire philosophy of this mineral water, which is close to the methods used for our Mcely Bouquet cosmetics range.” Vlastimil Plch Founding Managing Director Chateau Mcely